• Interior and Exterior Still Photos

  • 2D Schematic Floor Plan

  • 1-2 Minute Cinematic Video

You are a professional Real Estate Agent... So let your marketing show it. What's included: Interior/exterior photos, a 2D Schematic Floor Plan, and a 1-2 minute cinematic video that highlights the property. You may SUBSTITUTE the video for the Matterport 3D tour, adds $5 to the total. (If you want both you must upgrade to the next package.)
The quantity of photos is based on the property and the package pricing is based on square footage.
Pricing includes up to 45 miles of travel from our office in Merrimack NH

  • Interior and Exterior Still Photos

  • 1-2 Minute Cinematic Video

  • 3D Virtual Tour (Matterport)

  • 2D Schematic Floor Plan

You are a force to be reckoned with. You know how to get your listings sold and how to set yourself from the crowd. Your listings reflect your brand. One would say you are a marketing guru. This package includes the works! Interior/ exterior photos, a 1-2 minute cinematic highlight video showcasing the property, a 3D Virtual tour, and a 2D Schematic Floor Plan.
The quantity of photos depends on the property and the package pricing is based on square footage.
Pricing includes 45 minutes of travel from our Merrimack NH location.
Floor plan dimensions are approximate.

  • Interior and Exterior Still Photos

  • 2d Schematic Floor Plan

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple. This package include interior and exterior photos and a 2D schematic floor plan.
Photo quantity depends on the property and the size of the property
Pricing is based on square footage and includes up to 45 mIles of travel
Floor plan measurements are approximate.

  • Interior Photos

  • Exterior Photos

  • Layout only Floor Plan

No need for any extras? No problem. You can order our basic listing photos here. We have a blue sky promise, whether rain or shine your photos will be sure to have blue skies! Green grass available upon request. Pricing is based on square footage and includes standard interior and exterior photos. The number of photos depends on the property size and features. Please note that there is an extra charge for removing items from photos. There is also an extra charge if extra photos are requested. Now includes a home layout floor plan! Note There are NO dimensions or permant fixtures (such as sinks, tubs, and kitchen counters) on this floor plan, it is simply to display the properties layout only. For a floor plan with dimensions and fixtures please upgrade to the essentials package.

  • Aerial Photos

  • Ground photos if applicable

Don't have a boring land listing! Land is typically displayed best from the sky. That's why we always recommend aerial photos first and foremost. When applicable ground photos will be taken to help establish land marks and notable attributes of the land. For a typical land listing we will provide 7-15 photos. The amount of photos truly depends on the land being photographed.
Please provide us with a plot map and/or plan to be at the shoot so we are sure to capture the correct parcel of land. We cannot fly the drone in the rain, snow, high winds or if the property is in a FAA determined NO FLY zone. If you have a shoot and the weather does not cooperate then we may need to reschedule. We are FAA certified drone operators and follow all FAA guidelines. If the property is in a no fly zone, we will request permission to fly, however if we are denied permission to fly from the FAA then unfortunately we will not be able to capture the property from the sky. Note it can take up to 30 days for the FAA to approve drone flight in a no fly zone so please consider this when you schedule your shoot.
**You must provide a plot map if you want us to draw approximate plot lines on one of the drone photos.

Buyers LOVE to see the flow of a house! That is why we are now including a Floor Plan with EVERY Residential Real Estate Package! Please note that the floor plan included in the Basic Listing Photos package does NOT include dimensions or fixtures such as sink and bath placement. Itit is a LAYOUT PLAN only and only show where the rooms in the house are located. For a plan with dimensions and fixture please select the Essentials Package.

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